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Vegan cupcakes rule the world

I’m sure we’re all very familiar with “Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World,” affectionately known as VCTOTW. (Which I’ve never figured out how to pronounce without sounding like I’m clearing my throat.) I’ve made many a cupcake from this cookbook, and I don’t think it is possible to recommend it highly enough to people who like cupcakes. Or anyone who just plain old like desserts. Or really, anyone at all, since I think these are recipes that would convert anyone to the wonder of cupcakes.

The funny thing is that I had never made a cupcake in my life until I got the cookbook. I wasn’t sold on the cookbook at all when I first heard of it. “An entire cookbook for cupcakes? WTF?” was my essential reaction.

When VCTOTW came out, frosting seemed to explode all over the blogosphere. Food bloggers or not, vegans couldn’t stop talking about it. Being the stubborn sort, it actually made me more resistant. I mean, sure I love Babycakes, but not so much that I could see the point in making cupcakes myself.

Maybe I’m just a cookie person, and find it hard to switch my thinking.

Maybe I’m honestly so lazy that the thought of having to make frosting was too much for me.

But then I was in Mooshoes on a visit to NYC, and I couldn’t resist flipping through VCTOTW. I was sucked into the world of cupcakes. I got cupcake tins and papers, I spent months making tons of cupcakes. I loved it!

I think the Margarita cupcakes were my favorites, but it is hard to say.

Eventually my essential laziness crept back in, and it has now been quite a while since I’ve made cupcakes.

Last weekend at the sanctuary, a new volunteer (new to me) brought a really yummy spice cake. Sheryl insisted that we eat it all, and after much arm-twisting, we reluctantly devoured the entire thing, barely managing to leave a single piece for Dave.

Not surprisingly when faced with a delicious dessert, the conversation turned to VCTOTW, but Terry, ever the optimist, called it “Vegan Cupcakes Rule The World.”

That is what will happen after the cupcakes take over the world, after all. Terry just lives a bit in the future!

I went looking for a cupcake picture, and all I found was the 2nd cutest cat in the world

I went looking for a cupcake picture, and all I found was the 2nd cutest cat in the world

Oh, as long as I brought up cats via a picture of Beanie, who happens to be a very handsome black and white cat, go read what Neva blogged about recently regarding why there tends to be a greater number of black or black and white cats in feral colonies. Fascinating reading!