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the times, they are a changing (maybe)

This has been an interesting week in the news. There is the tales of the weird:

Dr. Paul Grabb, a pediatric brain surgeon, said he was surprised when he discovered a small foot growing inside the brain of 3-day-old Sam Esquibel.

“The foot literally popped out of the brain,” Grabb told TheDenverChannel Wednesday.

I looked at the picture linked in the article. It was fascinating, and horrifying, and makes me feel queasy to think about. And while there are occasional cases of what they call a “fetus in fetu”, where a fraternal twin begins to develop inside the other twin, I can’t help but to wonder, when I hear of cases like this, if we are beginning to pay the price of all the poisons dumped into our ecosystem for all these years.

Will, over at Green is the New Red, posted a challenge for his readers to connect the Center for Consumer Freedom (CCF) to terrorism in less than 6 steps. Real terrorism, that is, not the saving of bunnies or the waving of signs. This was in response to the CCF taking out a huge ad in the NYTimes linking HSUS to “terrorism”. They had to use a diagram in the ad because it was so weird and convoluted, and frankly absurd. They had six steps to form that link, which is why Will’s challenge was for us to connect CCF to real terrorism in less than six steps.

The result? Two steps separating CCF from the funding of terrorist groups like Al Qaeda. Go read his post, it is eye-opening!

And that leads me to a post on Crisis? What Crisis? regarding Obama’s chosen appointee for the energy secretary.

Scientists and everyone else who value intelligence, accuracy, research, and freedom of thought over dogma are rejoicing over one of PEOTUS Obama’s key appointments. The Tribune yesterday used a brief profile of Steven Chu, the new energy secretary, as a jumping-off point to examine the anti-science, pro-corporate stance the Bush Administration has taken the past eight years.

Chu is a scientist. Imagine that, putting a scientist in a position where scientific knowledge is not only useful but downright necessary.

It remains to be seen what Obama’s presidency will look like, but one thing is for sure – he’s making big changes, away from anti-science positions. He gives a shit about the environment. How far that will get us, time will tell.

And of course the environment is one thing, his attitude towards freedom and activism might be an entirely different topic. He voted for the FISA after all.

An email tonight reminded me that Sea Shepard’s final episode of Whale Wars on Animal Planet airs tonight. Not that I’ve seen any of these episodes myself, but someday perhaps I’ll get them on DVD and remember to watch them. (It is a challenge…for all my focus (haha) on photography, I have a hard time sitting down to watch movies!)

Sea Shepard’s email also provided a great visual to highlight the difference between the tools used by those who have an intent to kill, and those who have an intent to prevent killing. The preventateurs (yes, I made that up) are called terrorists by most governments. Yet who has the deadly weapons? Sea Shepard lays it all out for us.

My friend, Rich, sent this to me earlier today. I have no idea how he stumbled on it, but it seemed the perfect cap to this post!