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Palm Oil

My post on Palm Oil, written in June 2008, is still one of my most visited posts. It continues to get comments, and the comments have added quite a bit of depth to the original post. I’ve updated the post several times with links to recipes for vegan butter and more recently with links to a 3-part series RAN did examining the question of “What is Sustainable Palm” as well as a link to their visit to Agropalma, the “organic sustainable” palm plantation in Brazil that Earth Balance loves to point to as their answer to…everything.

But for the most part there has been, sadly, no need to update the post content itself. Earth Balance hasn’t changed their stance even a fraction. They send the same form email response year after year. Nothing has changed, so I haven’t written much more on palm oil. This page is just to make it easier to find what I’ve written on palm oil for those who aren’t arriving directly on that old post. (It’s still one of the first links if you search “earth balance palm oil”!)

Earth Balance, Palm Oil, Rainforests and RAN

Why Would a Vegan Boycott Earth Balance?

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