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The Izzy & Morty fan page…

It’s official: Izzy & Morty now have a fan page on facebook! I gathered all the video and all the posts I’ve made here and added them to the page. Nice to have them all in one place! Thanks Kelly for putting the idea out there! Advertisements

If there was an Izzy & Morty fan page on facebook, what would it be called?

Kelly mentioned that she thought they should have their own fan page, and it seemed like a great idea! All the videos in one place, etc etc. But I’m stuck. What should it be called? Seems like it needs a catchy name so that people see, “oh, Kelly just became a fan of something really […]

Izzy & Morty post up at Animal Rights & AntiOppression

I never know who reads what blog, so if you read this blog, but not Animal Rights & AntiOppression, you’d probably hate to miss any updates on Izzy and Morty. Not that I had an update this time, so much as a recap of their 14 weeks in a 10 minute video. Head on over […]

Oh, how they grow! Morty and Izzy, week 8…

I’m giving Vimeo a try this week. One frustrating aspect, for me, with YouTube is that if I try to use music to cover up any conversation that’s going on (people are funny about that kind of thing!), then YouTube sends me an ominous warning. So what’s a girl to do? Use Vimeo, I think. […]

7th week of Izzy-Morty cuteness

As cute as the little piglets were when they first arrived at the sanctuary, I enjoy them more each week. To see them grow and develop, to see their personalities emerge, it’s very rewarding. I saw them meet some of the young adult pigs through the fence. Izzy and Morty are too young to go […]

Morty and Izzy, week 6

I swear there are other animals at the sanctuary, not just Morty and Izzy, but I’m pretty sure it is expected by now that I’ll be posting an update on them every week that I am at the sanctuary. I learned something interesting this weekend. Something I’m actually glad I didn’t know until now! Based […]

Morty & Izzy: 4 week old update

Izzy and Morty are doing great. They’re growing quickly, especially Morty. Terry is still feeding them every 3 hours, and is begging them to start eating solid food, to no avail. They won’t even drink their formula from a dish, only from the bottle! Bad piggies! They are 4 weeks old today. That means Terry […]

Wilbur, thinking he’s a sheep, and an Izzy-Morty update

The first thing I saw when I arrived at the sanctuary this morning was Wilbur hanging out with the sheep near the gift shop. It was exciting, because he’s really getting around more, and it was hilarious because when one of the sheep (Clover, perhaps) tried to say hello, Wilbur warned him off. They were […]

Books, Success, Blogging, and Sanctuary News

I’m off to a slow start in my return to this blog! I haven’t been completely absent from the blogosphere, though. I wrote about a couple books I read recently over at Animal Rights & AntiOppression. First up was a post on The World Without Us. It’s a book with a premise that fascinates me: […]

A hopeful return

My absence from the blogosphere wasn’t planned…it was just a need to pull back, I suppose. I’ll call it taking care of myself, preventing a big burn out by indulging in a small one. I suspect some of the burn-out was actually grief. We lost what felt like a lot of animals over the course […]