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VSDC Volunteers at the Sanctuary

Aggie and a volunteer

Last Saturday we had a big group of Veg Society of DC volunteers at the sanctuary. I think it was more than 20. It was a lot! They were split up into several smaller groups, which made it much more manageable. It’s harder than you’d think to organize large groups of new people into getting work done!

The group that worked in the same area as I was in were people, based on overheard conversations, who had either never been to the sanctuary before, or had been a time or two at events. It’s always nice to introduce people to the sanctuary.

Volunteers taking their portrait with Lily, rescued from a veal auction, in the background

Since we had so many people, we were able to tackle some of the big projects that take more time than we usually have during a regular weekend day.

The big hay pile at the top of the goat yard needed to be removed now that winter has passed.

Malcolm helping us with the hay pile

It took several loads in the spreader before we had gotten rid of the pile. In between we’d wait while Terry emptied the spreader in a nearby field. It was a gorgeous day – sunny and in the 70’s – pretty much perfect weather for both the helpers and the residents.

Mini Moo was cracking me up – he was very casually scratching his chin on Carlyle’s horn. Not something I have ever seen before! And Carlye just looks as relaxed as can be.

Mini Moo scratching his neck on Carlyle's horn. Carlyle is one of the few male dairy cows at the sanctuary.

Two new residents arrived at the sanctuary last week: a pig and a goat who are best friends.


They are very sweet. The goat is a bit more cautious before he approaches, but once he’s had a chance to observe you, he’ll come right up and ask for treats.

"I was hoping for a treat...."


2 responses to “VSDC Volunteers at the Sanctuary

  1. strangerontheearth April 21, 2012 at 8:10 pm

    A new piggie! Yay! I always love seeing the pig photos.
    Has it been muddy there? We haven’t gotten much rain this April, though today we had a tremendous t-storm with hail and all!

    • Deb April 21, 2012 at 8:15 pm

      It’s been incredibly dry! We’re entering real drought conditions, which apparently is pretty unusual in April. We did get some rain Wednesday (not much) and tonight, and we’re in for a drenching (hopefully!) tomorrow. Not sure how long the mud puddles will last, given how dry it is, but the creek in the pig yard still has plenty of water in it, and they were enjoying themselves today!

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