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Parker’s Pizza

It was a little chilly this weekend. Icicles hanging from the brush used to clean the water buckets in the goat yard were a good clue, in case we weren’t already huddling in our winter layers!

Parker eating pizza, courtesy of Leesa

Leesa, one of the regular Saturday volunteers, brought pizza for Parker, an elderly pig who has been getting picky with his breakfast in recent weeks. General consensus is that it’s mostly that he has learned that if he refuses his breakfast he’ll get some treats. So he’s spoiled, and why not? If anyone deserves to be spoiled in their old age, it’s these great big gentle pigs, dealing with arthritis with a remarkably happy spirit. Parker is one of the sweetest pigs at the sanctuary (I say this about a lot of pigs, I realize!), and he’s the special favorite of Leesa. So when she heard that Parker had eaten with gusto a pizza brought for him last week by one of the weekday employees, she picked up a pizza for Parker for Saturday. She waited until we were all in the pig barn before feeding it to him, lucky for us!

Nellie was being pretty goofy. She’s grown so much since she came last year – she’s almost as tall as one of the adult female dairy cows, Lily, and I don’t think she’s done growing yet! When I was emptying a bucket into the spreader, one of the pigs by the fence grunted at me. That’s pig for “Hi! I’m over here and I’d love a back rub!” So as I was scratching him through the fence, Nellie was curious to see what I was doing.

She ended walking right over the trailer hitch a few minutes later, something that I don’t think any of us have ever seen before! She checked out the pig yard through the fence, but I don’t think she figured out what had drawn me over to the fence. She and Aggie were pretty cute checking it out though.

The young deer came through the chicken yard again, but spent most of the time hanging out in the woods with a couple friends. We didn’t even see the other two deer at first – they were laying down, relaxing, and it was only when they moved their heads that we noticed they were there. It’s not often we see them so relaxed. Perhaps it has to do with the fact that we weren’t hearing guns going off? Perhaps they simply know that the humans hanging out near the chicken barn are no threat at all.

Can you see the three deer in the woods? Click to see a bigger version.

2 responses to “Parker’s Pizza

  1. veganelder January 17, 2012 at 6:23 am

    Nellie is a beauty! It’s good to see some happy pigs…thanks for the photos.

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