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Tilly, Cosette, and Thanksgiving

Tilly is about six months old, and she was brought to the sanctuary a few weeks ago along with Cosette after they were rescued from a home where they were neglected.

They are both extremely friendly and sweet, and they even like to be picked up and held! They love anything shiny, which means if you wear rings or watches with shiny bits, you will be very popular with these two. When I was taking Tilly’s picture, she was very very curious about the camera, and kept coming closer to examine that great big shiny piece of glass pointing at her.

As we head toward Thanksgiving, here are some posts that are well-worth reading:

And now that Mary has you thinking and (if you’re like me) crying a little, here’s one post (of many, many out there) with a whole bunch of delicious vegan thanksgiving recipes with scrumptious pictures.

There are also many celebrations around the country that celebrate the animals instead of killing them. (Here’s a list of quite a few: If you are lucky enough to live near a sanctuary, you’ll be able to join them for a celebration WITH the turkeys. Poplar Spring has a giant potluck (quite likely the World’s Largest Vegan Potluck EVER) on the Saturday before Thanksgiving (November 19 this year), so you get to eat a huge variety of really awesome vegan food and you also get to spend some quality with the turkeys (and chickens and guineas and peacocks).

Thanksgiving’s celebrations shouldn’t be about death. Our traditions shouldn’t be about death. Mary says this about traditions: “Traditions are decided upon. They are consciously, intentionally repeated. And new ones can be created at any moment.”

Our traditions should be about love and compassion. Thankfully, we can make it so. All we have to do is decide.


3 responses to “Tilly, Cosette, and Thanksgiving

  1. Vegan Burnout November 7, 2011 at 3:49 pm

    Oh, they have names now! I’ve been so excited to meet Tilly and Cosette ever since I saw their photos on FB when they first arrived. Can’t wait till Thanksgiving with the Turkeys (I’ll be the one with the cornbread because I can never get it together to make anything major).

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