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Two separate cats in the DC area need homes or fosters

A few months ago I adopted a sweet little deaf kitten from a great local rescue organization, Homeward Trails. One of the things I really like about them is that they make a lifelong commitment to the animals they adopt out…so if anything ever happens and you can’t take care of your adopted animal for whatever reason, they get him or her back so they can make sure he or she gets into another good home rather than ending up on the streets, in a shelter, or neglected.

They’ve also been great about helping me to help others when I’ve heard of people in the area who found stray puppies, or was emailed about a cat needing help. So when their cat foster coordinator emailed me asking if I knew of people who could foster or adopt two cats she doesn’t have room for, I was more than happy to do what I can to spread the word.

First up is Yoki. She’s deaf, and good with other cats.



And then there is Bungle. He is an orange tabby who is great with dogs.



Please spread the word about these two cats, and hopefully we can help them get into homes – either foster homes or forever homes.


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