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Change is afoot…

As many of you probably know, Stephanie is no longer blogging at She’s still blogging though, and has masterminded a new endeavor, Animal Rights & AntiOppression.

I’m excited about this for many reasons; one of the biggest is that it’s harder and harder for me to see Animal Rights as a stand-alone issue. It all runs together for me – social justice, environmentalism, animal rights…oppression is oppression is oppression, right?

Besides, to loosely paraphrase something I heard pattrice Jones say once, what’s the point in saving animals if you don’t save their home too?

So, intersections, commonality of oppression, it’s how I see issues and so as much as I enjoyed Stephanie’s Animal Rights focused blogging at, I have a feeling I’m going to enjoy this new space even more.

Stephanie asked me and several others to join her, so I’ll be posting there too. In fact, I have a post up already! “Glimpsing the Future in Re-Wilded Chickens and Turkeys.”


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