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Miriam Jones of Eastern Shore Sanctuary on Animal Voices 11/10/09 at 11am!

When I was driving up to Vermont to deliver some rescued fighting roosters to Eastern Shore Sanctuary and Education Center last month, I listened to several podcasts from Animal Voices. One of them was from June, on Why Cockfighting Must End. I was surprised, and a bit frustrated, to hear these rooster advocates state during their interviews that they didn’t know of anyone who did rooster rehabilitation.

Eastern Shore has been doing rooster rehab since 2001. They’ve written articles on their process, they’re in at least one YouTube video, law enforcement is more and more aware of their rehabbing ability, and now instead of Eastern Shore having to try to convince law enforcement to release confiscated fighting roosters to the sanctuary, law enforcement calls them. This is pretty significant.

Yet, the oddity is there – more people outside of the movement seem to be aware of Eastern Shore’s rehabbing than people inside the movement! I mean, think about it: the rooster rehab is featured on the front page of the Wall Street Journal in 2005, yet, people advocating for the roosters don’t know about it in 2009? What’s wrong with that picture?!

I wrote to Animal Voices, asking them to consider doing a follow up on the Cockfighting show, by talking to Eastern Shore about the rehabbing. A few weeks later Miriam (of Eastern Shore) emailed me to say they’d asked her to be on the show!

And the date of that show is tomorrow, November 10, from 11am – 12pm EST, on If you can’t hear it live, it will be posted to their website ( and to iTunes about a week after the show.

I’m really excited about the interview. It seems incredible to me that only one sanctuary in the entire country does any rooster rehabbing. And that so few people seem to know about it.

There are a lot of great links on Eastern Shore’s website. Definitely worth taking a look at what pattrice and Miriam (co-founders of the sanctuary) have written on the topic.


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