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My final VeganMofo post for 2009


This final post means I’ve actually completed the minimum posts according to the rules. It’s been a stretch for me, but was perhaps a little easier than last year. Talking this much about food is not an easy task, and it’s one that definitely makes me realize (again!) that food bloggers take on a challenging task.

A fun one too, but it is no small amount of work!

Oddly one of the biggest challenges for me ended up being the earlier and earlier nights. Natural light just works so much better for photos, but this is a time of year when the light seems to leak away at an alarming rate.

I met some very nice new-to-me bloggers:

I also feel quite honored to have been included in the the official VeganMofo Headquarters roundup on two occasions!

My go-to resource in my not-very-successful attempt to keep up with the other bloggers was the VeganDojo, which I found to be an amazing resource!

There were many other new-to-me people who commented as well as many of my long-time blogging or in-person friends, and I’m always happy to have people commenting! Thanks also to the link-love from Animal Rights at, Easy Vegan and Vegan Soapbox and Liberation BC on my Blog Action Day post.

I’ve probably forgotten others who deserve to be mentioned, and I certainly have done a spectacularly awful job at visiting most of the bloggers who took the time to leave comments for me, let alone the others in the greater VeganMoFo world! I vow to correct that in the coming month as best I can, which I might just treat as my VeganMoFo catch up.

One of the disappointments (other than the fading light) was that it took so much time for me to participate that I didn’t get to do much spectating. And I think that means I missed out on quite a bit! I might just take a different tact next year, and focus entirely on all the other participants! We’ll see, next year is 11 months away. 🙂

Thanks to everyone, and hopefully I didn’t bore everyone too much with my food blogging. More piglets to come, I promise.

In the meantime, I feel enriched to have met so many new-to-me bloggers, and seeing their creations and blogging fills me with awe and gratitude. There are some amazingly talented people out there, and hopefully it helps show the world just how awesome vegan food is.

3 responses to “My final VeganMofo post for 2009

  1. Elaine Vigneault November 1, 2009 at 11:54 am

    “it took so much time for me to participate that I didn’t get to do much spectating”

    I know what you mean.
    Luckily, the blog posts aren’t going anywhere. We can read them when we have more time 🙂

  2. Deb November 1, 2009 at 11:52 pm

    Yes, I definitely want to (try to) take the time to go back through and see what I’ve missed! Still is a daunting task. Can’t remember what the final number of bloggers was – 400? Definitely over 300. Times 20 or so? 😮

    No excuse for ever being bored, is there? lol.

  3. Niki November 5, 2009 at 1:02 am

    Hey Congrats! I better do the Vegan Mofo next year!

    And thanks for the mention 🙂

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