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Upcoming: Blog Action Day & VeganMoFo (the third)

I signed up for VeganMoFo again this year. Why, when I’m so clearly not a food blogger? Because it was fun last year, and I figure it is good to step out of my typical subject for a little while. And so I’m going to be blogging about vegan food quite a bit through the month of October. Not likely in the foodie-blogger style; I just don’t have it in me! I’ll figure something out. I certainly eat a lot of food these days, thanks to the bike commuting…

And right smack in the middle of VeganMoFo, on October 15, is Blog Action Day.

To be a part of this year’s event, all we ask is that you commit to writing one post, in your own voice, on October 15, on the topic of climate change.

This is perfect, really. Climate Change, plus hordes of vegans talking about vegan food. It will hardly be any work at all! Just a couple quotes from the latest studies showing the negative impact of an animal-based diet, and it writes itself.


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