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Daily Archives: November 15, 2008

bunny love

I don’t know much about bunnies, but the impression I’ve gotten is that seeing snuggling bunnies isn’t all that common. I think Allison (on the left) is a snuggler, though. I remember her snuggling with Chloe and Percy, when they were still around. Now she has Twinkle to snuggle with.

The calendar arrived today, and I’m pretty happy with it, for a first “draft”. I’ll make some changes and get another printed out soon. The next one will have more information, on the sanctuary as well as the residents pictured. I’ll have a lulu link to make public for anyone interested in early December, I’m guessing.

I will put them up at cost, which actually will make them fairly affordable calendars, until you count in shipping. I’d like it to still somehow be a fundraiser (if a small one) for the sanctuary, but the only way I can think to make it work is if I donate a certain amount of money for each calendar that is ordered.

Shana asked about doing greeting cards in a comment recently. I’m going to look into that, though I have a feeling it will be too pricey for most people to be interested in. Stay tuned, just in case!