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Daily Archives: November 9, 2008

calender v.1 at the printer

I feel like I rushed it a bit, just so I could say that I got the calendar done this weekend, but I got version 1 ordered up through Lulu today. This is a calendar that can’t be considered outreach, as it is just pictures, not even so much as a name let alone the rescue stories, to turn it into an advocacy tool.

I will likely try out a few different versions in the next few weeks, and maybe I’ll take the time to add some text to each image, so that they can be used as advocacy. We’ll see. I always seem to have more plans than time, and when I have enough time I don’t seem to have enough either concentration or motivation!

In any case, if I end up with a calendar that seems worth making public, I’ll put a link here, just in case anyone else ends up being interested in having a copy for themselves.

Having gone through this process, I’m definitely feeling the limitations of the calendar, and so it has increased my motivation to do a photobook. There are so many stories to be told! I know only a few, but surely I know enough to fill up a small photobook.