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time passes, babies grow up

As I spent last month talking primarily about vegan food, I found myself wanting to talk about some of the sanctuary residents who have been growing up. Ones I’d talked about as babies, when they first arrived. In an odd (but welcome) twist, I found myself with more posts I wanted to write than days in the month.

And now it is November, and I have plenty of time to talk about the sanctuary residents, rather than food. (Especially as that last double batch of chili I made is going to last a while!)

So, to Lola, the three-legged lamb. She was adorable and delicate when she first arrived, with her bright pink bandage and the sweetest face you could imagine. She hung out on Terry and Dave’s porch in those first weeks, with her bed and her water and food, including the greens she’d often get us to hand feed her.

She grew very quickly. We speculated constantly at first at how she was going to handle the three-legged status. We still speculate, to some degree, but her ease in navigating the world on three legs has mostly calmed our worries.

She still stumbles sometimes, and you can definitely see the difference in her gait when she walks, as it is more of a hop than a walk, compared to her four-legged companions. When she runs, some of those differences smooth out.

She’s going to be a big sheep, based on the typical size for her breed, bigger than any of the other sheep at the sanctuary. Though even that is open to speculation. Mother Nature is often wiser than we are, and the kind of trauma (infection followed by the loss of a leg) that Lola survived will often stunt growth. It would be a kindness for Lola to not reach her full potential size!



The other two lambs, Billy and Butch, are doing great also. Butch remains the more independent of the twins, but their mom, Betty, is more relaxed now that they’re older. She still keeps a watchful eye out, but she’s become comfortable to the presence of humans. It has been nice to see the bond between Betty and her twins endure. It will be interesting to see how things progress as the twins become even more independent. For now, the small family most commonly keeps themselves a bit separate from the other sheep, though I’ve noticed a couple of the male sheep seem to hang out with them more and more often.

This is actually a fairly rare sighting, lately, with Butch grazing so close to Betty, while Billy was off on his own a bit.

Betty and Butch

Betty and Butch

And finally there is Arabelle, the guinea hen who came as a tiny chick. She wasn’t accepted by the other gunieas at first, and so one of the female turkeys took her under her wing, and mothered her for quite a while. Now you never see Arabelle without her faithful companion, Chuckles. It is hard to believe how small she was when she first arrived. And how quiet. She’s very vocal now!

Arabelle and Chuckles

Arabelle and Chuckles

3 responses to “time passes, babies grow up

  1. bex November 2, 2008 at 10:58 pm

    Lola is so beautiful.

  2. nothoney November 3, 2008 at 9:25 am

    Lola is really sweet. I confess that I showed her a way out of the fenced area at the side of the goat barn on Saturday. I didn’t know if she could follow but figured if she got in there accidentally, then perhaps she could get out. I walked through the opening on the side where the two little steps are located. It took her a few minutes, but she managed to hop out, as you saw.

    She nibbled my shirt a little as I washed my hands and let me pet her. Sweet girl.


  3. Deb November 3, 2008 at 8:13 pm

    We’ll have to ask Terry if she goes in there much. I have a feeling she might, if she’s looking for a little private green area! She really is a sweetie.

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