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Daily Archives: October 28, 2008

if you had carob molasses…

A while ago (years, likely) I was in a middle eastern grocery store, looking for something specific. I can no longer remember what!

I browsed around the grocery store, feeling like I’d been handed an unexpected gift. I think that’s when I realized that I love grocery stores. Not the big box grocery stores, but the little ones…the health food stores, natural markets, co-ops, specialty stores, the little mom and pop places that have an odd assortment of exactly what their customers want, regardless whether it makes sense to a regional manager of a big box store.

These places are filled with hidden treasures and adventures. (No surprise there, since I didn’t really start cooking until I went vegan, so most everything has at some point felt like an adventure!) I’ve ended up bringing home so many things that I haven’t a clue what to do with but couldn’t resist trying!

The carob molasses is one of those things. I’ve had people tell me to just use it the way I would regular molasses, but I keep thinking there must be some kind of recipe somewhere where this mysterious carob molasses would be the key that brings all the flavors together. Or something.

It is about time I give it a try. I just wish I had a clue what to do with it!

Anyone use it before?