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Daily Archives: October 23, 2008

social food

The CEO of the company I work for asked me and another employee to come to a lunch meeting to talk to the new VP of something or other about the projects we’re working on. A lunch meeting.

I was immediately annoyed. Why does it always have to revolve around food? Someone’s birthday? Bring cake and ice cream! I’m not as lucky as my friend Kate, the cake and ice cream will never be vegan at work.

I figured I’d just bring my own lunch, because as nice as the thought is that he’d buy us lunch to make up for the fact that we had to meet and talk about work during our lunch, I just wasn’t interested in going through some crap about lunch. I need to eat, I need the fuel, I don’t really care if my CEO buys me a salad or a bag of peanuts or something. I need to eat some real fuel to power my commute home. I now eat at least as much as men twice my size.

So it was a mix of annoyance and dread that I felt at the mention of this work lunch. It is my typical reaction anytime someone brings up food. Unless it is a vegan function, like the gigantic vegan potluck at Poplar Spring every year. With like 300 people…300 vegan dishes. It’s something to experience!

But when my CEO sent a link to the restaurant he was going to order from, it was a Thai restaurant with a very nice vegetarian section. I went with my favorite safe dish. I can’t tell you how thrilled I was – something I could simply order, something I already knew I would like because I adore Thai food, and I get this particular dish a lot. It was the least amount of fuss ever for a team lunch, and gee, all that had to happen was for the CEO to make a thoughtful choice about the type of restaurant. It could have been luck. He knows I’m vegan, though, so it might have been purposeful and thoughtful.

It was good. Not as good as at my favorite Thai restaurant (in my neighborhood), but it was good. And filling. I ate the whole thing.

Food is such a bittersweet thing, now, in social situations.

I would be so much happier if we could break this connection, and socialize at social functions, instead of eating at social functions.

Eating is for meal times. That’s serious business for me.