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Daily Archives: October 8, 2008

An upcoming Chicago visit…

I’m going to be in Chicago very very briefly next week – flying in Monday morning eye-bleedingly early, and flying back out early Tuesday evening.

It is for an incredibly geeky conference, which I’m astonishingly excited about. Luckily my employer was interested enough to agree to pay the entrance fee, which is astonishingly expensive.

So anyway, I’ll be in Chicago briefly. I have time for one dinner for sure, and I’m debating whether to try to scrounge from the “lunch buffet with something for everyone” at the conference (I just can’t imagine that they’ve imagined a vegan will be showing up, and I haven’t asked yet if they’d have food for me), or to head out for some real vegan eats at a real vegan (or vegan-friendly) restaurant for one or both of the lunches.

The location is near metro stops. Or whatever they are called in Chicago!

The conference takes place at the Sheraton Chicago, located near the Chicago River, Lake Michigan, Milton Lee Olive Park, great shopping and better architecture.

The only Chicago vegan eatery I can remember hearing about is the Chicago Diner. Which looks to be a not bad trip via transit, based on my sketchy research.

Anyone know of other places that they’d recommend making the effort to go to?