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flax maple cookies

These cookies are healthy tasting and virtuous enough that I felt okay about eating them as my post-ride food last week. Ultimately I don’t think they are quite what I need for post-ride food, but they do in a pinch.

And that pinch will likely come about fairly often, in the sense that these cookies have a very short ingredient list, and those ingredients are things I almost always have on hand. I’m often running on a not-quite stocked kitchen, and I seem to be on a schedule that has me at the grocery store only about once every 3 weeks.

When I bit into my first one, my main impression was that they tasted healthy. This is not, for me, a bad thing, though it might turn others off. Yeah, sometimes I want that sinful decadence of the chocolate chocolate chip cookies from Veganomicon, but a lot of times I don’t really want that.

See, before I went vegan I was a sugaholic. That has gone away, to a great extent, and I’m happy that it has. I still like sweets, but I crave real food now. But when I have too much stuff that is sugary, or has too much white flour, or even too heavy on potatoes, I end up craving more and more of it, with a greedy obsession that worries me.

And so when I find a tasty treat that doesn’t turn me into a sugar-craving lunatic, I’m quite pleased.

The Flax Maple Cookies from “Get It Ripe” were just such a treat. They do taste “healthy”, primarily because they use spelt flour, which generally does add that “healthy” taste to baked goods. They are dense and mildly sweet and a little bit earthy as well.

I’ll definitely make these again. Not for post-ride food, but for a time when I’m craving something sort of sweet, but fairly virtuous as well. My mom would approve of these for sure (she was a health food nut when I was growing up) but I don’t think these would have universal appeal.

Since I have some friends who, for various reason, limit their fat intake as much as possible, I should add that I think these cookies could be made fat free fairly easily. There is a lot of oil in the recipe, but the cookies themselves are soft, not crispy, and it seems to me those are the kind that work out well when made fat free. Maybe I’ll try them with applesauce next time instead of the oil…


2 responses to “flax maple cookies

  1. bex October 6, 2008 at 1:04 pm

    I haven’t made anything from this book, these have just jumped to the front of the queue.

  2. Deb October 6, 2008 at 5:04 pm

    Cool! I hope you like them! I might have to make them tonight, actually. Darn pictures make me want them!

    If you do much breakfast food, I made her Maple Tempeh Strips a few weeks back, and they were excellent also!

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