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Daily Archives: October 3, 2008

inspiring-envy factor

There are all kinds of things we judge our meals, and the recipes we use, by. When it comes to recipes, there is prep time, cooking time, accuracy, those kinds of things. And when it comes to the meals that result, it is the look and taste and how well they do as leftovers. And the envy factor. That is, the inspiring-envy factor.

This really only comes into play for me with the lunches I bring to work. The reasons are obvious. A sort of “smell it and weep” type of reason, that unrelenting need to prove to the omnis around me that vegan food is not weird, that it is tasty, and that it can easily fuel my for 30 miles a day.

I recently made a recipe that rated high on the “inspiring-envy” index. As soon as I brought my newly reheated Coconut Cauliflower Chana to my desk, I started getting comments. “That smells good! Is it a curry?” and “Now you’ve done it. Now I’m hungry too and have to eat lunch early.”

I think I’d have to rate it a 9 on the Inspiring-Envy index. I’d give it a 10, but I figure I need room for a higher rating for the dish that instantly convinces everyone to go vegan. This is definitely the dish that rates the highest on the I-E index so far for me though!

And it rates high in other ways too. It tasted at least as good as it smelled, it made for fantastic leftovers, it was filling and satisfying, and it was easy and quick to make. And did I mention how fantastic it tasted?

The recipe was from “Get It Ripe“, which I’d picked up a couple months ago and hadn’t quite gotten around to making much use of prior. If all the recipes are like this one, I’m going to be loving this cookbook.

Total prep and cooking time for the Coconut Cauliflower Chana was about 40 minutes, which is also how long the accompanying rice took to cook. It was easy to put together, the recipe was well written.

I’ll definitely make this one again! And that is a dramatic statement, coming from a guilty cookbook-obsessed person who tries to justify the vastness of her ever growing cookbook collection by constantly trying new recipes!

coconut cauliflower chana

coconut cauliflower chana