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Blog Action Day – October 15, 2008: Poverty

Blog Action Day is on October 15 again. I participated last year, which had a focus on the environment. This year’s focus is on Poverty.

As they ramp up this year and post on their blog, they had a post that started out by asking us to think about poverty. To think about it on many levels. At the top of the post was a picture of a young woman with two dogs.

Is she homeless? Living in poverty? She is sitting against a wall of a building, on the sidewalk, so the impression being given is certainly of hard times. Whether it is an accurate portrayal of her life, or merely a metaphor, it is nevertheless a picture that does make you think.

At least it makes me think.

Blogging about the environment was easy last year, from an animal rights perspective. We all depend on the environment for our very lives, and so the connection is easy and obvious – environmental abuse is animal abuse. And suicidal as well, but few think of it that way.

Blogging about poverty as relates to animal rights might be a bigger challenge, but I think it is one that is worth taking on. There are connections, always, and I believe that it is important to constantly push ourselves to understand, on a deep level, how these connections come into play.

They are also encouraging us to act, to do something to call attention to the issue of poverty, or to do something to positively impact the lives of those living in poverty. October 15 is on a Wednesday, so personally I’m not going to try to take action on the day itself, but I am thinking about how I can take action on another day. Maybe on many other days.

I have a friend who has recently become involved with a couple of his local FNB groups. I might try to find and join in a local group here as my action. It is a great intersection between the promotion of veganism and the alleviation of one of the sufferings of poverty – providing healthy filling vegan food to those in need.

Or I might think of something else. It seems like there is plenty that needs doing, there should be no end to the ideas.


4 responses to “Blog Action Day – October 15, 2008: Poverty

  1. Easton Ellsworth September 26, 2008 at 3:51 pm

    Thank you for adding such great thoughts to this movement, Anon. Much appreciated and we wish you the best!

  2. Patrick September 26, 2008 at 4:53 pm

    I’ve worked with the homeless and people in poverty for quite a while and I noticed very early on the frequency of the people I work with having pets. I remember commenting on it to a friend who responded that people who can’t afford themselves certainly shouldn’t have pets that they need to take care of, too. But after working with and knowing people in poverty over the years I can honestly say that I have rarely seen a group of people more loyaly devoted to their pets. Certainly not all people in poverty are this way, but I’ve seen people who go without food for their pets because of the unconditional love that they receive while the rest of the world ignores them or worse.
    Here’s a little thing that I wrote on poverty and pets last month. Just for sharing purposes.

  3. Deb September 26, 2008 at 6:43 pm

    Easton, thanks! And thanks to you and your group as well, for putting this together.

    Patrick, thanks for sharing your thoughts, and your post. It really resonated with me, and I think it is important that we don’t jump to conclusions when discussing homeless people and people living in poverty, and poverty in general.

    Today at work, in fact, I had a conversation with someone about her dogs and my cat, and while it started off as completely unrelated to this topic, we both ended up stating that we’d live on the streets before giving up our pets. She has two large dogs, and in the past I had a dog that was about 45 lbs. It is SO hard to find apartments to rent that accept dogs larger than 25 or 30 lbs, and in this housing crisis especially that becomes an issue. And that’s what got us talking about it.

    We can’t ever know what life has in store for us, we can only do the best we can with the cards we’re faced with. And for all we know, these poverty-stricken folks or the homeless people took on these dogs to save the dogs from certain death at a shelter. I certainly can’t fault them for that. There are millions needing to be saved every year, who aren’t. These dogs could do worse than be with people who would go hungry in order to feed them.

  4. Easton Ellsworth September 27, 2008 at 7:58 am

    I’d love to have you on our 12-hour radio show the day of the event, Deb. Let me know by email if you’re interested in that. You just have such a unique perspective on this whole topic .

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