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Great Sage, August 31 – a Poplar Spring benefit day

Great Sage is arguably my favorite vegetarian (almost entirely vegan) restaurant in the DC metro area. The menu isn’t extensive, but everything I have ever had is delicious as well as interesting. I love it, but I don’t go often because it is far enough away and not on the way to anything (for me) that I just don’t bother.

This Sunday, however, is a benefit day for Poplar Spring Animal Sanctuary. 10% of the day’s proceeds will be donated to Poplar Spring, so it is now my solemn duty to not only go to Great Sage on Sunday, but to eat a lot.

In preparation for the last half of the equation, I am contemplating riding my bike to and from PS for my regular Saturday chores, which would be about 70 miles total. Since this week is my first week of riding 4 days in a row to work (29 miles round trip), thinking about riding 70 miles in a day, and only 2 days before I’ll have to get back on the bike for another commute to work, is a pretty big deal.

But think of how much food I’d need to eat on Sunday if I rode 70 miles on Saturday!

The other exciting part of this Sunday trek to Great Sage is that they are serving Brunch. I have never had Great Sage’s brunch, and I’m looking forward to it.

A small handful of the normal Saturday volunteers are starting Sunday morning at Poplar Spring and we will attempt to be super-speedy with the morning chores so that Terry and Dave will both be able to enjoy the brunch.

Another reason to love Great Sage?

Bikers and Pedestrians get 10% off their check!

They’re not in my bike range (yet) but I love that they offer this.

For anyone in the DC or Baltimore metro area (Great Sage is sort of in-between the two), make sure to get out to Great Sage this Sunday!

And if you’d like to help out at the sanctuary first, that would be pretty cool too.


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