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8th Carnival of Empty Cages posted at Deep Roots Sanctuary

Deep Roots Sanctuary has published the 8th “Carnival of Empty Cages”, for which they are now the permanent home.

For those who are not especially familiar with “Carnivals” (other than, perhaps, the one in Rio), they are based around specific themes, and are blog posts that compile many posts from many blogs from a given month (generally). The posts included are usually submitted to them by others. It is a neat way, in my opinion, for wider connections to be made in the blogosphere. We all have blogs that we read regularly, and those bloggers have blogs that they read regularly, and so on. The Carnival closes some of those loops.

I admit I usually have read all the posts that are mentioned in the Carnival of Empty Cages, but there are also always blogs and posts I have either been neglecting or have not run across in the past. I also find it interesting to see in one post the incredible variety and breadth of topics that we’re covering in the animal rights community. And that’s just a snapshot. Looking back at the Carnival archives gives yet another perspective. I need to remember to start submitting posts I stumble on for them to include in future Carnivals, because if I have any complaint, it has to be that the snapshot is a bit small. Not narrow, but definitely small. Since it is up to us to submit posts we read and think would be good to have included, and since I am the one voicing this complaint, I definitely need to remember to do something about it! I hope others do as well.

So, you can tell, I’m a fan of the Carnival, and I’m very grateful for Deep Roots Sanctuary for taking on the job. I bet it is a lot of work, and I bet they don’t get thanked enough for it!

Deep Roots Sanctuary is itself worth checking out. Here’s what their “about” page says:

The Deep Roots Animal Sanctuary is a non-hierarchical, non-profit organization dedicated to improving the lives of all animals. It is our goal to decrease violence against animals by establishing a safe space that will provide refuge for debilitated and displaced animals, on-going veterinary care, wildlife rehabilitation, community programs, and education. We will carry out our mission in as sustainable a manner as possible and without compromising our commitment to anti-oppressive relationships.

We believe that in order to create a more compassionate world, it is vital that we not only exhibit compassion towards rescued animals, but to embrace compassion in all aspects of our lives. The is why we act upon the belief that all forms of systematic violence and oppression are interconnected and must be approached and dismantled simultaneously.

They’re an extremely new sanctuary, still in the process of being created in many respects, but it is clear that they have put a lot of thought into the kind of sanctuary and the kind of place they want to build. We literally can never have enough sanctuaries, and I get a small taste of the effort and dedication required from my regular sanctuary volunteer work, yet I know that it is the kind of endeavor that can’t be fully comprehended until it is undertaken. Hats off to anyone who has it in them!

So keep an eye out for more Carnivals, as well as more developments at Deep Roots!


One response to “8th Carnival of Empty Cages posted at Deep Roots Sanctuary

  1. eChris July 22, 2008 at 10:04 am

    Thanks, Deb. I agree that the carnival is a bit small. That is because I haven’t had the time I would like to scour the blogosphere, so I largely just pull from the blogs that I read on a regular basis. I really want to make it a better resource and how that happens is by having more people (whether you write a blog or not) submit posts that they find interesting, thought-provoking and relevant to the concept of empty cages. i know that the number of submissions dropped due to the lack of carnival updates, but now that the AR blogs are growing in number, I plan to release a new edition at the beginning of each month.

    on the sanctuary front, thanks for giving an update to your readers. as the outreach coordinator for the sanctuary, i have been failing on my duties to updates the site. that’s mostly because i’ve been working on an entire overhaul of the site that will hopefully be up by late Summer or early Fall. if folks are interested in staying updated, at this point we are better about updating our Facebook and Myspace pages.

    starting a new sanctuary is definitely a lot of work. we have a strong core group that has been working hard for the past year to get things up and running and we have made huge steps in that direction (including taking possession of 150 acres of land!). we are purposefully taking things slow, moving with great intention in everything that we do in order to ensure a project that is sustainable and long lasting. although we are not officially open and accepting animals, we did recently take in our first chicken. she fell off the back of a truck, where she was undoubtedly headed to slaughter. her skin and feathers were torn from her body, but we gave her immediate medical attention and three weeks later she is doing really well (she loves to eat the clovers and raspberries in the yard). the vet says she should have a full recovery. oh, her name is Mabel. i’ll be sure to write more about her on the Deep Roots blog.

    again, thanks!

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