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dangerous vegan potlucks

A year or two ago, a friend sarcastically made a comment about writing vegan cookbooks, that it was “culinary terrorism.” You know, because animal rights activists are dangerous enough to be the number one domestic terrorist threat. This makes an inverted kind of sense. If you believe the war-rhetoric, we have to kill (those who disagree with american policy) to prove that killing is wrong…or something. So naturally those of us advocating to not kill for any reason must be trying to prove that…that…killing is right? Well, close enough, I guess, for those who write up the priority list for the FBI.

And so The Powers That Be must have taken note! Will Potter at Green Is The New Red reports that the FBI is trying to infiltrate that well-known stronghold of dangerous terrorist activity – vegan potlucks!

They’re on to us!

chickens at poplar spring

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