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Ariel the silver turkey

Last week there was a new arrival at Poplar Spring. Well, two – one is a young female turkey, a silver one, by the name of Ariel. She seems to be about six months old, and she’s a sweetie. Loves attention, even when the attention is that of Victor, the big man on campus, who tends to step on his girlfriends in lieu of being able to do anything more enticing. She didn’t seem to mind! You can see his wing feathers in the background. All the boys were displaying for Ariel, and even one of the other female turkeys!

ariel at ps

There was also a new pig. I didn’t get a good picture, but she had something stuck in her nose to prevent rooting (digging up food from the ground), which was heartbreaking. She was found wandering, and she is quite skinny right now, which you’d expect from a pig that had an implant designed to prevent her from finding food. It is a bit of a mystery, the nose thing is quite unusual because most farmers (big farm or family farm) don’t actually let their pigs outside.

She is super friendly, that or just incredibly hungry. She’d come right up to the gate of the quarantined area of the pig barn and snuffle my hand. Sometimes she’d end up bumping the gate with her nose, and then she’d flinch. It made me want to cry. That poor baby! They have to increase her food very very slowly when pigs are that skinny, so even though she seemed really hungry, they have to be careful. The nose thing is embedded in such a way that it will require her to be under anesthesia to have it removed – it is just too painful any other way, there is no chance you can even touch that thing without causing her pain.

There was someone at the sanctuary filming this past weekend. Some of you might remember the video on youtube from Poplar Spring with the little boy, Ari, narrating? “Nowman is enowmous!” Very cute! Well, Chris, the videographer, was back getting a bunch of video, which she wants to use to make a series of 2 minute videos, which she’s going to publish in vodcast format. I meant to get her website, because it sounds great!

In case you missed it before, here’s the old video:

I found another video Chris did at Poplar Spring, this one is just 2 minutes of chickens and turkeys being their own selves!

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