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Daily Archives: March 5, 2008

Sweet Percy

I heard yesterday that the sweetest bunny in the world has died.

Percy was a big fluffy lop-eared bunny who lived at Poplar Spring. He was sweet, and friendly, and petting him always filled me with that same sort of joy as curling up in sunbeams with my cat. Percy was one of four bunnies that live at Poplar Spring, and he was the only one that enjoyed attention from people. Of course people see bunnies and they want to cuddle and coo and stroke the silky ears, and it was all directed at Percy since he was the only one who liked it. He got a lot of lovin’.

They took him to the vet on Saturday because he’d not been feeling great, in a digestion-issue sort of way. He died the next day, of a respiratory problem that he was not showing signs of at all. They found out later that his lungs were very scarred, from a long-ago respiratory infection. He had very little lung capacity, and eventually it just became too much.

Sweet Percy, we love you. You will be missed, you are already missed.

percy and chloe

Percy is on the left. Chloe is snuggled up to him on the right.