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Daily Archives: February 23, 2008

little peepers

A couple months ago, one of the Poplar Spring volunteers came across a rooster wandering around Silver Springs. This was not an ideal place for a chicken to be living, so the volunteer managed (after quite a bit of time) to catch him and rescue him. They could house him temporarily at Poplar Spring, but his final home was going to be Eastern Shore Chicken Sanctuary. I’d been meaning to get back out there anyway, so I volunteered to drive him down this weekend.

On Thursday I got an email asking if I could swing by the DC Animal shelter on my way out of town and pick up some baby chicks that had come in that also needed to go to ES. Great timing, and I was excited because there is little that is cuter than baby chicks!

And that’s how I ended up being a chicken taxi today!

The babies were in the cab of the truck with me in their own carrier. If you’ve never heard baby birds peeping, well, you’ve been missing out! There is something ethereal about it, and the peeps seem to float around them, rather than coming from any of them individually. Sometimes, when they’re especially happy, there is an additional whistling sound added, and it sounds like the beginnings of a song a songbird would sing.

They traveled easily, peeping when they were awake, flopping into sleep in that boneless way that babies do. It worried me a bit at first, and I’d wake them up to make sure they were really just asleep. Poor things! They must have been annoyed with the dratted human who kept interrupting their naps! We all settled down, though, and they spent quite a bit of time in a heap of babies.

baby chicks in the carrier

Once we got to pattrice’s, the babies were set up in a bigger cage under lamps to make sure they stay warm enough. They got their food and water, and they were curious and energetic, eating the food, and leaning on each other as they fell into brief naps. They sang their happy chirps, and I’d swear their joy is contagious.

baby chicks in their new home