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Daily Archives: February 15, 2008

pets, ghosts and memories

It started with an annual physical for the Tempest. She’s getting older – geriatric according to the vets, since she is older than 7 – but she’s really in good shape. She could stand to lose a pound (this has been a constant struggle for us since she was a year old – I should be happy that she needs to only lose a pound!) but other than the vet said she seemed to be in great shape.

Except for her teeth. I’m getting those cleaned next month.

I’ve known all along that I should be brushing her teeth. Teeth are important, and she actually isn’t too bad about letting me brush her teeth, I just rarely think to do it. That’s something I have to change, especially after she gets a full professional cleaning. Mostly because it is healthier for her. But also, if I can keep the teeth clean, that will save me money in the long run. Dentals are expensive!

The whole visit got me thinking, made me face, I suppose, that she’s not going to live forever. No, this is not news to me, I’ve lost many pets over the years, and it is the kind of thing you know as soon as you adopt. Your time with them is limited. It is just the way it is, but mostly I am able to focus on the moment, enjoy them here and now, and not grieve for them before it is time.

But last night and this morning, those future-dreading thoughts were pretty close to the surface. This morning driving to work, I heard the Indigo Girls “Ozziline,” which brought back so much grief from all those I’ve lost.

I had to put the dog down
Before I hit the road
Yeah I watched that sweet old life
Become a bag of bones
So when you’re body’s broken
And your heart wants to give in
And you hear that hoot owl callin’
Just like she was a friend

And then girl least likely to posted about her Kody, who she lost 8 years ago yesterday.

It apparently is a time to remember those we’ve lost, a time to appreciate those we still have, and a good reminder to brush my cat’s teeth.

Sort of spooky, given all the loss I have had on my mind, that I took such a ghostlike picture of a very-much-alive Tempest today.

the tempest ghost