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The Story of Stuff

This probably isn’t new to most people, but in case you haven’t seen this video, The Story of Stuff, it is well worth watching.

It is about 20 minutes long. Environmental, social justice, and capitalist issues are brought up. I thought it did a great job of showing just how important it is that we think about what we consume, whether it be food or non-food “stuff”. I was thinking today about how if you look at old death certificates or read old stories, you’ll often see that people died of “consumption“. They meant tuberculosis, of course, but I think that between the Standard American Diet and the pollution of the earth and the resources we need just to survive, both of which are deadly…well, we’re still dying of consumption, just not (as often) of tuberculosis.

She’s got a blog too, which is worth adding to your reader. And for Rich, or other teachers, she has a post specifically talking about this video being used in classrooms, and some organizations that have resources available to help you out.

When I talk to people and have reasons to believe they’re really not hearing the message, I figure it is because I’m not approaching it from a direction that matters to them. What it comes down to, I believe, is finding a way to encourage people to think about their consumption habits, whether food or otherwise. Once the door is opened, other aspects of the issue of consumption can be raised. The issues aren’t discrete, after all.

This video is powerful, and it might help get people think. Worth trying. And hey, you probably will learn something from it. I know I did!

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3 responses to “The Story of Stuff

  1. rich February 9, 2008 at 11:39 am

    Thanks for the reminder of the video. I am going to show it to my 5th graders later in the year when it is appropriate to our subject matter.

  2. Deb February 9, 2008 at 9:38 pm

    Cool, can’t wait to hear what they think of it!

  3. Kristen August 13, 2009 at 3:18 pm

    I just watched it! Brilliant! We truly do spend too much money on stuff, and especially stuff we don’t need. It’s amazing how becoming vegan has not only opened my eyes about animals but the environment, the government, and consumption as well. Even the products I use now I try to buy as natural and as sustainable as possible.

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