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Support the Salisbury University Vegetarian Student Association

I thought I’d say it up front – I’m asking for money. But not for me.

pattrice’s dependable helper out at Eastern Shore Chicken Sanctuary, is a young man named Chris (if you went to AR07 you might have met him tabling for ES and Lantern Books), who is involved with his college’s Vegetarian Student Association. They are serving a vegan meal on the Saturday before Thanksgiving (11/17), and it is open to the public and completely free.

They want to accommodate 75 people, and they’ve budgeted a whopping $5/meal, so they’ll be making that money stretch until it about breaks. However, they need the money. They have raised $100 so far, and are looking for another $250.

Now, you might think this sounds like a normal kind of event, but consider: this event is being held in Purdueland. I’ve been to that area, the eastern shore of Maryland, when I’ve gone out to Eastern Shore to lend out my sweat to pattrice. Rural is one thing, but have you ever been to rural chicken land? Suffice to say, places like Eastern Shore are desperately needed in areas like that. And so are events like the one the SUVSA is putting on in a week.

Maybe it isn’t such a surprise that the local college has a vegetarian student association, but it is nevertheless an important place and an important event. Many of the people may have had no other exposure to vegan food, this student group is putting on an event that gives people access to something they might not otherwise see – that’s something I can’t say about anyone in the DC area!

So, if you have a few extra dollars, think about sending them to this student group to help them feed people a compassionate thanksgiving meal. They’re doing this on the cheap, so any money anyone sends will go far.

Kudos to Chris and the Salisbury University Vegetarian Student Association!

ducks at es


2 responses to “Support the Salisbury University Vegetarian Student Association

  1. pattricejones November 11, 2007 at 1:42 pm

    Wow. Thanks for giving Christopher a shout-out and a little help with the fundraising. Our sanctuary sponsored his free feast last year but he’s raising the funds himself this year. Last year, the attendees were a nice mix of the veg*n and the curious and it looks like he’ll be getting a bigger crowd this year. And, I just lent him my copy of Veganomicon, so maybe there’ll be something surprising on the menu!

  2. Deb November 11, 2007 at 9:09 pm

    Chris and this SUVSA deserve a shout-out! I’m not sure this was any help with the fund-raising, though I did get an email from him saying they were at about 3/4 of their goal already, so I have no doubt that they’ll get what they need regardless whether anyone reads this post. Very exciting, and it is great that they pull in some of the curious. I have heard so many great things about Veganomicon, I’m going to have to pick up a copy soon!

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