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Green Festival, DC

I went to the Green Festival today, tabled with RAN, and despite the various things I always seem to hear about environmentalists being resistant to considering veganism, the two other people tabling with me were also vegan, and it seemed like at least half the people stopping at the table were wearing stickers that said things like “veganism is direct action” or “save an animal, eat a vegetable”. Now, I didn’t ask everyone if they were vegan, but when I would talk about the links between animal rights, environmental rights, and social justice, I got emphatic agreement. So I was encouraged, overall!

I didn’t have much time to spend at the festival, but I did cruise the activism aisle and came away with more ideas and energy, which was the point, at least for me. I also got some temptation soy ice cream, which is a happy event.

I talked to the people at the Carbon Conscious Consumer table, and they had people pledging to do various things, like give up bottled water, use cloth grocery bags, and some other things that I mostly do. I don’t agree with everything they say (they’re against factory farming, but promote “free range” instead of veganism), but overall I think I might get some ideas from their site.

I skipped the Vegetarian Society of DC, COK, and FARM tables, because I talk to them all the time anyway! I’ll be tabling for COK at the Takoma Park Street Fair tomorrow. And I helped out at Poplar Spring Animal Sanctuary this morning.

My animal rights activism will continue to outweigh other activism I participate in, but it was a great experience for me to table for RAN, to be part of the environmental movement.

salta day tour


4 responses to “Green Festival, DC

  1. Deb October 7, 2007 at 5:15 pm

    Somewhere a bit north of Salta, Argentina. I am not sure exactly where, as it was part of a day trip up to the salt flats and back (to and from Salta), and all I know is that this was on the route!

  2. Deb October 8, 2007 at 9:09 am

    Me too. It is one of my favorite places on earth, at least of what I’ve seen. And the Salta region has the most wonderful giant mangos…

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