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We need more vegans…

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Seriously, we have a lot of ground and a lot of topics to cover. We need more of us to get it done.

I got a letter from Rod Coronado the other day. Happily he’s about to be released from prison. Unhappily he’ll be facing another trial in June. We’ve been talking a lot about Kofa NWR and the hunts that happen there. He’s had a lot of experience there, hiking as well as doing activism to try to prevent hunts. He’s gone to AZGFD and USGFD meetings as the only non-hunter. He’s helped with some of the clean-up work that relies on volunteers, again something that ends up being mostly hunters.

And, obviously, this is something we should change if we could. As activists we are out there doing what we can – educating, protesting, representing – but I’m guessing that when it comes to representing the AR movement where the hunters are – at the GFD meetings, at the refuge clean-ups – we’re not doing enough. And they notice, and comment on it, according to Rod.

The problem is that we don’t all live close enough to help out at a NWR, maybe not even at a state park. And if we do, we might not have enough time, quite literally. Activists tend to face a high degree of burnout, because we have a hard time saying no when we feel like we could make a difference.

But…maybe there are things we can do anyway. I know that Poplar Spring has “adopted” a portion of the road near where they are located, and a crew of their volunteers routinely works on it. I’m sure this is something that other groups have done as well. When I lived in Denver I helped with a replanting in a marsh. I wasn’t there as a vegan representative that day, at least I don’t think I was. Chances are it came up, at least once. Probably around lunch. So maybe I did represent.

Veganism is about more than the food, obviously. But it is also about more than just the animals themselves. It has to be about the environment as well, because there is no point in saving animals only to destroy the only home they (and we) have. So we do need to represent there. I’ve mentioned some of the things that come to mind, but I’m sure there are many more ways we can help and represent at the same time when it comes to the environment.

Really, we need more vegans to cover all of the issues. So go out, find some more, make some more, whatever you can do! And if an environmental clean-up project comes to your attention, consider spending a few hours to help out. It will help the environment, as well as the movement.

geese at poplar spring


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