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We are their voice…

sheep at poplar spring

It isn’t that they don’t have a voice, or that they have a voice and don’t use it. It isn’t that we can’t hear it. It is that most of us don’t listen.

And so it falls on those of us who do listen to speak up for those whose voices are silenced by society, by customs, by traditions. We are going against the grain, so we have to expect resistance. Most people don’t want to question or think about these issues. It is more comfortable if you ignore them, isn’t it?

Tradition, customs, or what is “normal” doesn’t make something right. “Legal” isn’t a good indicator of “moral” either. We need to listen, and then speak up for what we believe.

Ani Difranco sings:

i sing sometimes like my life is at stake
’cause you’re only as loud as the noises you make
i’m learning to laugh as hard as i can listen
’cause silence is violence in women and poor people
if more people were screaming then i could relax
but a good brain ain’t diddley if you don’t have the facts
we live in a breakable takeable world
an ever available possible world
and we can make music like we can make do
genius is in a back beat backseat to nothing if you’re dancing
especially something stupid like iq
for every lie i unlearn i learn something new
i sing sometimes for the war that i fight
’cause every tool is a weapon–if you hold it right.


2 responses to “We are their voice…

  1. cherie February 20, 2007 at 9:31 am

    It’s a shame when society’s traditions cause more pain to be perpetuated against non-human animals.

  2. Deb February 25, 2007 at 2:48 pm

    I absolutely agree. Traditions are toxic way too much of the time, and often as detrimental to humans as they are to non-humans.

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