Invisible Voices

a voice for the voiceless

Driving them crazy…


I often wonder what the world must seem like to the non-humans we share the world with. Does it seem like a crazy place, incomprehensible? The however many generations that came before, the accumulated instincts, none of it can be of much help when faced with the buildings and streets and cars, the telephone poles and airplanes and boats…

Some seem to adapt well, and even can thrive to an extent, living among humans. Others, like Goosifer featured above, seem to become an odd reflection of human neurosis. He lives at Peaceful Prairie Sanctuary, outside Denver, and he is strangely attached to the blue kiddie pool you see behind him. Why the pool? He doesn’t use it, he just obsesses over it. He breaks my heart, and despite that he didn’t want anyone near him, ever, he holds a special place in my heart.

It is well documented that the animals, such as foxes and mink, raised for the fur and skin on their backs, are driven crazy by their treatment at the hands of humans. I wouldn’t be surprised if we’d see similar neurosis in the squirrels and birds and ants that live in the crazy humanscape, if only we paid attention.

desert technicolor grasses


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